About Us and Our History

The Railway Barracks was established in 1935. It was used to house train drivers overnight whilst the trains were being prepared at the Roundhouse opposite.

In NSW, economic wealth from European settlement in the 1800s was largely generated from farming and pastoralism from inland settlements. Following the completion of the first railway from Sydney to Parramatta Junction in 1855, early railway expansion during the 1860s was largely undertaken for the purpose of connecting Sydney with these major rural railways. During this time, proposals for the first railways to the rest of NSW included a line to the inland centre of Goulburn. A single line from Marulan to Goulburn opened on 27 May 1869.

Associated railway structures at Goulburn included the goods shed (1868), the carriage shed (1869), engine shed (1869), a coal stage, water pump, turntable, and the Station Master’s residence (1870), the Roundhouse (1918) and the Railway Barracks (1935).

Goulburn was the terminal stop for the Sydney Granville line and the Goulburn Roundhouse is where they would turn the trains around for their return trip. The train drivers would walk across the road and stay overnight at the Railway Barracks.

During the Second World War, the property was extended to accommodate further sleeping quarters and again in the early 1990s, it was extended to include a large common room.

In 2017 the property was refurbished to serve as a combined accommodation and function centre for large groups who are looking for a boutique venue for their event. It now also has a large entertainment deck featuring a train carriage to compliment its history and to continue the preservation of the historic Railway Heritage of Goulburn.

The owner, Mark McEwen, wanted to renovate this property, not just to restore a piece of history but also to provide the community and visitors to Goulburn with a wider choice of accommodation and venue options, enabling guests to arrange their own bespoke event. He welcomes all enquiries about the property, its history and also how the Railway Barracks may help you with your event.



If you would like to reach out to us, feel free to give us a call on 0414 964 781, email hello@railwaybarracks.com.au or fill in the form below and we'll get back to you shortly.